<- i stream sometimes

sometimes i stream on twitch!



on twitch i stream whatever games i feel like and have a nice time :)

current games:

~ disco elysium

~ half-life 2 (w/ my girlfriend!!)

occasional games:

these are games that i play very occasionally so i don't want to say that it's like, a ~current game~, but sometimes you might see it.

~ noita

games i might play SOMEDAY maybe possibly

(in no particular order)

~ dying light

~ splatoon 3

~ shadow the hedgehog

~ super mario!! SUNSHINE!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!

~ yakuza

~ metal gear rising

~ elden ring? maybe...

~ sims 2 castaway

~ rimworld

~ darkest dungeon II

previous games:

~ minecraft (will return to later)

~ persona 3 (hardest difficulty) (will return)

~ stray

~ death and taxes

~ crosscode (i really want it to return but it won't)

~ pokemon violet (probably will not return)

~ TY the Tasmanian Tiger (wont return)

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