<- lotte's cute cat

i have a cat named tiara!!
and i have a lot of pictures of her that i like to look at because i love her so much!

the pictures!

tiara looking at the camera and doing a blep

2nd december 2017

this is from when she was a tiny baby,, she gave me a tiny little blep,

tiara resting her head on a wiiu gamepad

17th december 2017

i wish i could rest my head on a wiiu gamepad. it looks nice

tiara laying on my desk

13th march 2018

this used to be her favourite spot to lay down

tiara laying on my lap while i'm on my laptop

3rd may 2018

cute sleepy cat,,

tiara laying on her back

26th may 2018

idk what she's up to but i'm happy for her

tiara sleepy

17th july 2018

tiara cute sleepy

tiara stretching to be really long

9th august 2018

looongg girl,!!

tiara sleeping next to me

11th september 2018 (never forget)

sleepie zzz~,,

tiara sleeping on me

23rd october 2018

my cat likes to rest on me

tiara sleeping outside

27th may 2019

sleepy girl,,,

tiara with her eyes closed

17th december 2019

this was my phone background for a while

1st october 2020

i love her so so so much,,,

23rd november 2020

idk why she made this face but i appreciate it

18th december 2020

look at her!!! she's! so cute!!!! i love her!!!!!!

30th december 2020


20th february 2021

ig its true what they say abt cats and keyboards

tiara laying on a couch outdoors next to me while it's raining tiara laying on a couch

7th june 2021

vibing in nice, rainy weather

go look at something else