<- hi, i'm lotte

hi! i'm
lotte fae/faer or she/her pronouns
, a 22 y/o
pan tran voidgal demisexual demiromantic pansexual lesbian transgender nonbinary demigirl
who loves
faer cat and faer girlfriend

more about lotte!

hi! i'm a queer autistic lil nerd who's on the line,,
i have many interests and sometimes when my brain allows i may even be found to ENGAGE in those interests!!

i love to fuck around, but somehow i have yet to find out
also i like to make games, art, music, and more!!!
and sometimes i stream on twitch!

check this out (social medias n stuff)

tumblr ~ comfortlotte

matrix ~ @comfortlotte:matrix.kittycat.homes

discord ~ lottess#5356

i have other secret socials medias but they r secret. this intrigues the reader.

alternatively, check out