<- these r my blorbos

these are my blorbos!!!
im p bad at keeping track of blorbos so this list is incomplete

Data (and the other star trek characters like him)

ok so this one is more about a genre of characters thats in star trek.

im talking about Data, Odo, The Doctor. maybe more!

basically characters who arent human in some way, but want to be human very badly. usually they really are human all along but other people treat them as less than and they just want to be treated like a human

im gonna write about all of these characters and why they fit the genre and why i love them


data is the first character i saw in star trek that fit this trope (i watched tng first, and still have not seen tos although i hear spock from that also fits this genre.)

hes an android who often finds himself confused abt various weird human mannerisms, while also wishing he could do many things that humans can

he often talks about how he wishes he felt emotions, hes often othered by people who refuse to recognize him as a fellow conscious being, hes just a general sweetheart, hes a hard guy to summarize!

something i find very important about data and which was crucial to him becoming a blorbo is the fact that even though i mentioned previously that he wishes he could feel emotions, he actually can! data feels emotions all the time, but because he often expresses it differently than others, him and others confuse this difference for a complete lack of emotion. but of course if ur view of how emotions can be expressed is so limited, some genuine emotion will not be recognized! its the most relatable part of data to me as someone who has also struggled with expressing my emotions "correctly". as someone whos often been mischaracterized as cold or unfeeling. when i see data i see someone whos just like me frfr

i also wanna note that even though practically every character will say that data cant feel emotions, picard did actually prove otherwise in season 2 episode 9 - the measure of a man. in this episode, some weirdo wants to dismantle data and argues that he should be able to because data is just a machine. picard takes the guy to court and proves that data is a conscious, emotional being. one way he proves this is by showing that data has kept a recording of a crewmate who died, something that would only make sense to do if he was sentimental about her death.

afterwards it feels a bit like picard forgot about this though because he never tells data that the way he feels and expresses emotion is real and valid, and just agrees with data any time he expresses that he cant feel emotions. i think its very clear in the characterization of data that we are meant to believe he can feel emotions, but i wish the show wouldve said it more explicitly.

either way though, data was a character who made me very happy to see on screen. also his friendship with geordi is great

also also i know that many other autistic ppl have said they related to data and found him to unintentionally be good autistic representation. one of the writers said hes glad it turned out that way because if he had tried to do it intentionally he wouldve probably fucked up.


odo is from ds9! hes a changeling/shapeshifter who gets put into many challenging situations wrt his identity. thats it thats the summary

and hes got some heavy romantic tension going for him with quark (until he moves on to kira instead)

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The Doctor

the doctor is an emergency medical hologram who has to exceed the limitations of his programming when hes the only doctor voyager has left while stranded in the delta quadrant.

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Shuntaro Chishiya

thats bad.

- Chishiya, when a grenade is thrown at them

chishiya is from alice in borderland! the moment they appeared on my screen i knew this would be the character im most obsessed with.

i never grew past the stage when i was a kid where im obsessed with like mysterious characters who act really smart and/or smug all the time and are kind of a dick so the first scene with them made it CLEAR they would be a fav. just standing there watching the others play the game and analyzing just hits my buttons. and idk! their character development is good the whole way.

also the moment i saw them i thought they kinda lowkey give me trans vibes. idk what it is i just decided theyre trans. alice in borderland even has a canon trans character i dont have to invent my own but consider:

  1. they have the vibes
  2. the person they hang out with the most is trans
  3. they're trans.

also theres the scene where theyre running through bullets with their hands in their pockets and see a grenade and go "oh thats bad." how are they so NONCHALANT about it all

im gonna read the manga soon and i hope it will only give me more to appreciate about Chishiya.

Shuntarō Chishiya from the Alice in Borderland live action show

Kokichi Oma

hes just a tiny little liar

kokichi oma is from danganronpa v3!!! in general danganronpa v3 is like.
so good. love that game.

he's my favorite character in danganronpa v3 because hes just like!!
a tiny little liar. literally throughout the entire game he just fuckign! lies abt everything!!
and like? i think i like him better than the chaotic characters in the previous games becuase he like
has no malice whatsoever. he just really likes lying.
hes not trying to push people into despair so their hope can glow brighter
hes not just doing things becuase he thinks hes entitled to, hes not trying to win the game
he just loves lying!!! and who can blame him! thats the greatest mechanic danganronpa v3 introduced!!!

one of my fav moments with him is at some point during a class trial there's a lie u can do
and no one catches u in the lie except him
and hes just kinda like *nice*. and doesnt tell anyone else that you're lying
when that happened i was just like yay he likes me im a liar too!!!!

also he just kinda like. feels more relatable than like nagito and byakuya and stuff yk?
like at some point the killing games wear him out, maybe they always did?
like you can just tell that hes kinda like
shielding himself from everything by doing his favourite thing: lying
and then he tries to end the killing game the same way!
and yk what? at least he got a lot closer than nagito (no hate to nagito tho hes great too)

anyways he's great i love him

Kokichi Oma from Danganronpa V3 Kokichi Oma from Danganronpa V3